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If you are considering to request a letter of recommendation by the chair of corporate development and business ethics, please note that we can only provide you with a meaningful letter regarding our impression of you or your work, if we know you in person, e.g. from a seminar or writing a thesis at our chair. In all other cases we can solely make a statement about your position in the respective distribution of grades.

Your request for a letters of recommendation should contain the following information:
- Reference to the modules of our chair that you participated in
- Transcript of records and CV as a pdf-file
- Purpose of the letter of recommendation, e.g. application for a masters program or application for a stay abroad

If you need the letter to apply to another university, you should consider that they usually only accept those letters if we directly mail the document to them or upload it online, or if you include it in a sealed envelope in your application. So depending on the requirements we additionally need the following information:
Sealed envelope directly to other universities: Please inform us about the number of copies and the universities addresses.
Scanned letter: Please tell us to which e-mail address we should send the document or the link to upload it.
Blank form: Please send us the form and let us know where to mail it.
Online form: Please send us the link.

If you want to apply for a scholarship where you need a more detailed letter, please schedule a meeting with one of our staff members, and send a letter of motivation in advance.

Please send your data to