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Master Thesis

If you have developed an interest in the topics related to corporate development and business ethics, we would be happy if you choose to write your master thesis at our chair. We offer the possibility to apply your knowledge to current research topics, and in addition you can develop methodic and specialist expertise that are important for business careers, as well as for research activities.


Principally we would like candidates to make their own suggestions concerning the topic of their thesis. The topics can be very diverse, but they should involve the main subjects of our chair. These are current topics of corporate development and business ethics that are analyzed using experimental and empirical methods. 


Please use the following ILIAS- link when applying for writing a master thesis at the chair of Prof. Dr. Ebers, Prof. Dr. Irlenbusch or Prof. Dr. Sliwka:

Please note the registration for master thesis works according to the deadlines for the central allocation of theses ( Hence, registration through ILIAS is only possible within these deadlines. You can find more detailed information concerning the application procedure in ILIAS.

After having applied successfully, we will inform you about your assigned chair and adviser.


After a successful application for a master thesis at our chair, an assistant will accompany you during the completion time. After a meeting with your supervisor the topic of your thesis will be fixed. Then you can apply officially at the central assignment office.



Important Documents

This information is provided in German. If you need any documents in English, please contact the office of our seminar.